Constance New Year's Eve selected precious time were accompanied

Water East died, leaves off one after another. Year, and one year old. When the gorgeous street lights lit the whole city, open the festival's happy moment, full of hope and dreams, in the countdown opened a new chapter in the year. Constantine bring you the heart of the rolex replica heart of the election, its movement calendar men's watch and watch their ultra-thin moon phase watch with your precious companionship to witness the graceful wrist between the next year to enjoy the time. Sophisticated complex and elegant aesthetics: their calendar movement calendar Constance New Year's Eve selected precious time were accompanied Constance break the boundaries of tabulation and creativity, perfect to create his first movement calendar perpetual calendar watch. Like a miraculous wonderful time in the second hand of the pointer, the years and memories of the century heritage. The watch has as many as 191 fine parts, which can be accurately calculated to 30 days and 31 days of the month, only 28 days in February, and every 4 years there is a February 29 leap year cycle. Under normal circumstances, this watch can run accurately 400 years, without any manual adjustment. However, due to the current calendar every 400 years will be canceled leap year, so the watch should be in the original leap year of March 1, 2100 to replica rolex watches make adjustments. Complex calendar function does not make Constance in the design of the aesthetic design of the concessions. General calendar watch most of the movement-based design, and Constance was the opposite, starting from the design of the dial, according to the size of the dial set the week, date and location of the month, to obtain the best Of the visual balance. Design simple Smart, refined and dignified complement each other, with a harmonious and elegant style, witness the New Year warm moments. Slim bright eyebrows: their own movement ultra-thin moon phase watch Constance New Year's Eve selected precious time were accompanied The watch combines the elegance of women with uk replica watches the ultra-thin craftsmanship and elegance of innovation, both with men's ultra-thin moon phase of the same features and functions, more fascinating is 38 mm case set in 60 sparkling diamonds, People can resist the new style, thin body watch comfortable fit wrist at the same time, for your New Year added dazzling light, gorgeous extravagance. Watch with a fine polished three-plated rose gold case debut, equipped with automatic movement is equipped with hours, minutes, seconds, date and moon phase display, all functions can be tuned through a single crown. Curved silver dial set off against the implant pointer and scale, with a set of diamonds hour scale, charming and delicate, elegant temperament revealed. Eternal design without losing the moment of modern fashion, ultra-thin moon phase movement series has its own unique noble temperament, is an excellent darling of your wrist. Constance to watch with outstanding works to witness the touching moments of life, whether it is the past memorial, or the future expectations, the classic record of eternal intentions, good luck in the wrist, so that all possible and hope with the New Year Of the open around the side, with your endless torrents, holding weight before the trip.