Love the first choice of outdoor sports watch, God Ma smart watches are clouds - Casio G-SHOCK land series GG-1000-1A5

Today's smart replica rolex watches great menacing meaning, but when you use the Casio G-SHOCK series after the watch, in front of it, the moment all the smart watches is a cloud, some people say that this conclusion is too arbitrary, right? . So I would like to ask you, why do you choose to buy a smart watches? He brings you intelligent experience at the same time bring you those troubles? In other words you may be easy to understand, but also prone to resonance, and intelligent watches to your traditional mechanical watch no function, such as stepping, calories, sleep time, multi-time zone display, to remind the information, etc., but these phones are not can? At the same time smart watches to bring you the trouble is indeed not light, ten hours to find a place to charge? Let you go out to worry about it, watch material material impatience, prone to failure and damage, and basically not waterproof, right? I believe that people who buy a smart watches have a similar experience, so I think for the outdoors, want to experience smart fake rolex watches users I suggest you give priority to G-SHOCK. Because all of the above problems do not exist, and design than the current smart watches COOL too much. \ Said that the exterior design, Casio in the protection of the shock, wear-resistant wear-resistant principle at the same time, so that only GG-1000-1A5 looks very fashionable, at first glance Gu Li strange feeling, but from the protection of the button and the overall dial Point of view, this design than the traditional watch design to spend more thought, and the need for multiple tests. Visual maximum diameter of the watches should be up to 50mm, I was very worried about their fine side of the wrist is not able to Hold live, get started after that is superfluous ideas, there is no traditional large-diameter watch that does not agree with Tie, why? The secret is actually on the back. GG-1000 series of watches in the back of the lugs to increase the dial of the engineering plastic arc watches ear pads, this design is very user-friendly, comforwatches to wear, practical. The only thing I am concerned about is the GG-1000-1A5 ear part in the case of external shocks can withstand the number of forces to ensure that will not crack. \ \ \ \ \ Although the GG-1000-1A5 is just an outdoor entry-level watch, but the Casio definition of outdoor watches is much higher than the number of smart brands, outdoor word is not a virtual, anti-mud waterproofing this is the most basic Requirements, or else talk about outdoor sports? Price is only 1990RMB, but 200 meters waterproof, anti-sediment design meticulous. This point, the Japanese brand or rigorous, worthy of Swiss learning. GG-1000 series of dial layout follows MUDMASTER emphasizes the simple concept, pointer + digital dual display with a simple disk layout, clear display, including time, date, temperature and other data, including a number of daily outdoor activities required information. 12 o'clock position of the main LCD screen and the lower left 7 o'clock position Vice LCD screen echoes, double LCD screen design is to enhance the readability of information, convenient in any environment can accurately read. Dial and strap with black, olive green and sand-brown color matching for daily wear to provide a variety of options. GG-1000 as an entry-paragraph of the outdoor watch, equipped with measurable bearings and temperature of the dual sensor. \ \ \ \ \ Can not say there is no short board GG-1000-1A5, the following I come to introduce some of the regret down. Luminous enough bright, although the official website is not introduced, but we see the GG-1000-1A5 hour and minute hands are actually luminous coating, the night does not turn on the backlight case, the pointer has a weak luminous display, but rather not Eye-catching, colleagues, LCD screen because of the effect of using black gold figures, so inevitably both in the day and night will not be legible, which you can buy other models of the replica watches uk to solve, such as GG-1000-1A3 or GG-1000-1A liquid crystal display than the GG-1000-1A5 to clear. The other is relatively thick hour hand minute hand often block the LCD dial, causing you to see the digital display is difficult. I think it sucks. The biggest regret is that this watches is really not suiwatches for winter wear, shrink in the sleeper hand, on the outside hand cold, wood has a way. Can only keep the summer to enjoy it slowly! \ \ \ \ Function may be everyone's concern, I said a few of the most important, I do not do too much here, from the function of the choice of methods and ease of use, I hope you read the manual, because no matter what the watches to get the hand , You should learn to learn to get started again, everyone understands the different abilities, especially this feature is relatively complex GG-1000-1A5, if you do not read well, you certainly do not turn play. I mentioned here the function of accuracy I will use, very good, general, poor to express, so the most intuitive to give you the most reference. Compass function, I suggest you use the principle before the magnetic source, will definitely play a role in interference. If not in the case of magnetic effects, GG-1000-1A5 compass function I can give a good evaluation. Temperature function: the basic you do not consider the evaluation of poor, quite not allowed. Taishou bright screen features: set simple, easy to use, very good evaluation. But pay attention to save the battery, do not frequent use. Other world time, countdown, timing, timekeeping are set directly through the keys, very good setting is also very useful. \ I am looking forward to be able to get professional level GWG1000 series and then test to see if the price more than doubled the king is not also worth the money, a lot of people say that Casio more pointer, and in the pointer But the designer must also have its reason, the pointer is more in line with the trend of close to the mechanical watch design, may attract more users, but the number of significant GW series I am not too much to do, Want Casio will not give up, the user more than a layer of choice is a good thing, especially no significant plot of the consumer. For me, the longer the use of GG-1000-1A5, you may usually see the number of times through the phone will be less, as smart watches, for the time being not considered.