Skull Bubble - Kunlun Bubble Series flying tourbillon skull watch

Basel Watch Fair in 2015, a unique unique to describe the watch series after an absence of many years in the watches sector, and finally once again a strong return, it is Kunlun Bubble bubble series: a first available in 2000, Although the watches ill-fated, but still in the Kunlun modern development history which plays a very important role in the series of uk replica watches , the series models are equipped with a unique, huge and thick bubble-like appearance, and visually full of distorted distortion But very clear sense of the new disk. These ten years ago, the old style design elements, is now on it seems so cool pull the wind, appearance, not only that, many years of time is given to the Kunlun watches designers more abstract ideas , So that they can on the disk to open the brain to enjoy the show, such as the bubble before the moon watches. Today, the Kunlun handed out to the gravity of the "destruction of the letter", launched a unique Kunlun bubble series flying tourbillon skull watch. Skull Bubble - Kunlun Bubble Series flying tourbillon skull watch The new Kunlun bubble series Tourbillon watch case size reached 47mm of the giant, but all right, do not be scared by this size, because of its unique shape design, making it to wear after the start with the specifications of the The figures look very different. The whole body shines with rose gold material distributed soft light, and the characteristics of structural design and the series of other watches are the same. Skull Bubble - Kunlun Bubble Series flying tourbillon skull watch This watch the most attractive place, in fact, has already told us in the name, and that is the disk covered by the huge, highly curved appearance of the sapphire crystal watches mirror, the mirror at least 6 , 7mm thickness, its presence in the rolex replica watches to create a lens effect, although the whole watches makes the appearance of the whole looks very unique, impressive, but also brought a other watch brands are In the best to avoid the effect: disk distortion or distortion, but for Kunlun bubble series, but it is the fun of leisure time. Skull Bubble - Kunlun Bubble Series flying tourbillon skull watch The Kunlun Bubble series flying tourbillon skull watch is a unique timepiece, the dial on the wind skeleton pattern gold plated brass material to create, and the color of the case is very commensurate, and skull behind The use of black background color, is to further strengthen the contrast between light and dark, very texture. When looking at the time, the skull black eyes as if staring at the wearer in general, and open the jaw, the exquisite beating of the flying tourbillon module. Skull Bubble - Kunlun Bubble Series flying tourbillon skull watch This Kunlun Bubble Series flying tourbillon skull watch is equipped with Cal.CO 016 type self-winding movement, can provide 72 hours of power reserve time, vibration frequency of 4Hz, through a small swing pendulum swing to On the day-to-day chain. Technical Parameters Case: diameter 47mm - thickness 18.55mm - 5N 18K rose gold material - highly curved sapphire crystal, sapphire through the end of the replica watches uk back - waterproof 30 meters Movement: Cal.CO 016 type - self-winding movement - 72 hours power reserve - vibration frequency 28800 vph - hours, minutes display, fly Tourbillon module Strap: Black rubber strap - 5N 18K rose gold material pin buckle