Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show

Ritual of the gift is not a cure for love? Some people always say, true love does not require ritual, as long as the heart, each other will understand. However, there is no sense of ritual love, really can self-evident it? Sometimes, in love in our thin ice, just need a sense of ritual. In these ceremonies, love and be loved, to pay and get, all the emotions have the most realistic and most practical sense of security. Because it is determined to be loved, so it is more hard to love and comprehend. The most desirable feelings, is to love as a starting point, a gift to do surprises, understanding to maintain, and accompany is the longest love confession. We envy the strong love of fire, but also more eager to accompany the whole life. Time more like a slow fire slow cook porridge, to understand and accompany the boil the world's most beautiful love words. And then your gift, do not give him care "He still loves me?" Why does he not care about me? He did not know what I want! " Once the vows, and now red in the face, the time after the argument stagnant, as if to hear each other's heartbeat and breathing. For him, the woman is like a mystery never a riddle, but do not know what she really wants is - Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show In her illness, a bowl of soup you personally boil Grievances in the work when suffering, a "no problem, big deal I raise you" In every day in the morning to uk replica watches pick flowers, you have affectionate existence In those sort of small festivals, have your heart to accompany The best consolation, but her understanding "What was she thinking? Why she can not understand me? My hard work is not for us! " Once gentle and well-behaved, and now vexatious, said a woman born sensitive and delicate, but you are not he, you really understand enough behind him forbear? Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show A man who has come home from work has not yet been relieved of exhaustion. "I understand you" is like winter warm sun, which can melt his cold armor in an instant. Life on the plain, love is not unusual every day. This year, do you have time to replica watches spend the Christmas together? Tsai Kang - yung said a very self - willed, I do not like the festival, because I do not like someone else that day I particularly happy that day, the special sad. But as a laity, we still care about the holiday bar, especially in this year's most romantic Christmas! Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show So, what is the best gift for Christmas? Understand each other, accompanied by intentions Time to love Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show Precious time works enough to carry us a "table" wandering sustenance. Feiyada India series of light smart watches, gentleman paste "core" insight into the warmth of time rhythm, to help you grasp the Christmas Eve romantic moment, a better expression of implicitly long love. On the white dial, a lotus looming, coral pink cowhide strap color gentle and fresh, people can not help think of the sun brings soft soft warmth. Italy, highlight the slender soft feminine temperament and the beautiful love of expectations. Flirting lingering wrist, fine Zhuo beautiful expectations, Christmas, met the most beautiful moment. Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show Watch configuration: Name: FIYTA flower language series watch Model: LA802008.PWS Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement Case: stainless steel, IP rose gold plated Table mirror: anti-glare synthetic sapphire glass Dial: white in the replica rolex watches light, imitation crystal mosaic Biaozhen: plated rose gold needle Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded perspective at the end Bracelet: orange pink without tie line cowhide strap Waterproof: 30 meters Fiyta micro-film "with time to love" Christmas warm show Name: FIYTA India series of light smart watches Jane Yue version of life Movement: intelligent quartz movement Case: stainless steel / rose gold Table mirror: Synthetic sapphire glass Dial: white Bottom cover: Synthetic sapphire glass Strap: Black or brown Italian calfskin Waterproof: 30 meters Diameter: 41.5 mm Thickness: 12.4 mm Head width: 18mm Face: 35mm Charging method: wireless charging